Our Basic Roadside Assistance Plan is perfect for members who want to hit the road
knowing they’re protected in the event something should go wrong. Our 15,000
providers in our dispatch network are always standing by, 24/7/365, ready to help you
with everything from tire service, jump starts, fuel & fluid delivery, lockouts and more,
anywhere in all of North America!


24-Hour Toll-Free Emergency Roadside Assistance. Available in Canada and the US,
24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Services are provided up to a benefit limit of $50.00
per occurrence. Sign and Drive assistance provided to covered vehicle for up to the
program benefit limit per occurance for the following services hereinafter defined as
"Covered Services." For any amount exceeding program benefit limit, it is the
customer's responsibility to pay the service provider directly for the additional charges.

  • Towing. When towing is necessary, the Active Customer's
    disabled Covered Vehicle will be towed to the nearest qualified
    service facility.

  • Battery Service/Vehicle Won't Start. If a battery failure occurs,
    a jump-start will be applied to start the Active Customer's Covered
    Vehicle. Towing assistance will be provided if necessary.

  • Flat Tire Assistance. Service consists of the removal of the flat
    tire of a Covered Vehicle and its replacement with the spare tire.
    Towing assistance will be provided if necessary.

  • Gasoline, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service. An emergency
    supply of gasoline, oil, fluid and water will be delivered to any
    Active Customer in immediate need in a Covered Vehicle. The
    individual must pay for the costs of the fluids, if any, directly to the
    provider upon delivery at the disablement location.

  • Lock-out Assistance. If an Active Customer's Keys are locked
    inside of their Covered Vehicle, the service will provide for
    assistance in gaining entry to the Active Customer's Covered Vehicle.