Product Description

Reverse Sensing System by EchoMaster It's like having eyes in the back of your vehicle. Everyday driving presents many challenges, even for an experienced driver. While reversing at less than 5 miles per hour, a 2500 pound vehicle can suffer a surprising amount of damage, not to mention the damage to personal property or other vehicles.

Features Include: "One Box fits All" Design Sensor angle sleeves to accommodate all vehicles Visual LED indicator Paintable Sensors - color coordinated with your automobile Easy expansion from 2 to 4 sensor system Audible warning speaker Can be installed on many vehicles with external spare tire (industry first) EM-PVtm Benefits: Whether you drive a truck, van SUV or sedan, all vehicles have blind spots, the EM-PVtm helps minimize these blind spots.

- Makes maneuvering in and our of tight parking spaces a breeze (aids in parallel parking) - Makes you feel safe and secure while reversing in the rain or dark - Gauging distance is made very easy - Helps detect children's toys and other obstacles behind the driver's blind spot - Utilizes Proven Ultrasonic Technology - Automatically activates each time you select reverse gear - Issues a distinct tone to alert the driver when reverse gear has been selected - Sensors perform even in the harshest conditions

EM-PV'stm Reverse Sensing System's highly efficient sensors are flush mounted in your vehicle's bumper. Each time you engage the reverse gear, EchoMaster'stm ultrasonic technology begins scanning behind your vehicle to detect objects in your path.