EchoMaster HitchScan Wireless Trailer Hitch System Model 00-03000 is a rear park assist designed to work with vehicles equipped with tow packages and is also a functional support step.  The HitchScan activates when you engage your reverse gear.  The system silently scans behind your vehicle and informs you inside your vehicle with an audible tone and visual indication as it detects an object in the scanning zones.  The system installs in 60 seconds or less and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  

COMPONENTS (see picture lower right):

·        2" and 1.25" Hitch Mount Transmitter

·        12 Volt Plug-in Receiver

·        2" and 1.25" Hitch locks with 2 keys

·        7-way Power Harness

·        Universal 2-pin Power Harness

·        Functional Support Step 

DETECTION OPERATION (see picture lower left):

·        Zone 1 Within 7 Ft:  Starts Slow Beeps

·        Zone 2 Within 5 Ft:  Starts Fast Beeps

·        Zone 3 Within 3 Ft:  Starts Solid Tone

Caution:  EchoMaster® is strictly a driver assistance device, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for safe driving practices. Use common sense when reversing, and always follow recommended safe driving guidelines from your local, State or County Department of Motor Vehicles regarding engagement of reverse gear. To help prevent accidents, always use caution when reversing, looking visually to ensure your path is clear. Keep reversing speeds under 5 m.p.h.