• Lifetime Warranty From Cracking, Peeling, Delaminating.
  • Molds Precisely To Every Contour.
  • Permanently Bonds To Your Truck Bed, Sealing Out Water And Dirt.
  • Unlimited Thickness ... Non-Skid Protection That Looks Great.
  • Accessories Fit Great.
  • Adds Value To Your Investment.

  • The Wolf liner, sprayed on bedliner is applied with maximum precision to every curve of your truck bed. This spray on liner fits great with other bed necessities, like your tool box or tonneau cover. With the Wolf liner you get 100% weather proof protection. You never have to worry about rust in your truck bed again.

    The formulation is EPA exempt and NIOSH approved. No hazardous solvents, V.O.C.'s or C.F.C.'s. This spray liner resists most common chemicals including pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents and fertilizers. The Wolf liner is considered a hot application spray liner. The liner dries within the first three seconds of being applied to your bed, then cures over the next 24 hours. The liner can be sprayed under the rail, or over the rail. If your truck came from the factory with bed rail caps, then you would go under the rail. If your truck has no factory bed caps you can go over the rail with the spray.
    The Wolf liner comes with a lifetime warranty from cracking, peeling, and de-laminating. Your truck is sprayed by a trained and certified sprayer with over 7000 trucks sprayed! The Wolf liner takes approximately two to three hours to complete. We have a sample here at the shop, come on down and take a look! We hope to see you soon.