• Bright aluminum diamond plate or powder coated black aluminized steel.
  • Diamond plate available in 30 & 50 gallons; Black powder coated aluminized steel available in 30 & 40 gallon.
  • Designed to re-fill your vehicles fuel tank…perfect for the traveling family!
  • Please give us a call or shoot over an e-mail so we can provide an EXACT quote for your needs.

  • Available for Dodge, Ford, GM, and Toyota Tundra pickups, our toolbox and fuel tank systems are available in 30, 40, and 50 gallons! They're the all-in-one auxiliary fuel tank and storage box! The toolbox and fuel tank combos come with all components needed for installation (some Ford and GM vehicles require a fillneck adapter kit.) Our toolbox and fuel tank combos should not interfere with most standard in-bed hitches.

    Available optional items:
    Riser kit - rises toolbox tanks 3 5/8 so you can store items under the tank!
    Momentary switch - you can turn on and off the transfer pump on an Express-UFS system!
    Locking gas cap - keeps your fuel safe and secure. Available for our aluminum diamond plate tanks only.

    The fuel systems are available with either our patented TRAX-II™ or Express-UFS™ operating system, and come in bright aluminum diamond plate or powder coated black aluminized steel.

    Aluminum Diamond Plate Tanks:
    The fuel tank, constructed of 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance, is mounted inside the shell of the 1/8" bright aluminum diamond plate toolbox. The fuel fill access is located on the driver's side of the pickup on the front of the toolbox. The locking paddle handles keeps your belongings safe and secure. Available in 30 and 50 gallon units. The 30 gallon unit has a storage space of 5 1/2 cubic feet, while the 50 gallon unit has a whopping 9 cubic feet of storage space!

    Aluminized Steel (Powder Coated Black)
    Available in 30 and 40 gallons, the toolbox and fuel tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance, and is baffled in two places on all four sides. It is powder coated black for a durable finish. The fillneck is located within the locking storage department. The tank is about flush with most bed rails. The 30 gallon units has 5.1 cubic feet of storage space, while the 40 gallon units has 6 cubic feet of storage space!

    TRAX-II™ Operating System)
    TRAX-II™ consists of an auxiliary fuel tank, an in-line pump, an auxiliary sending unit, a wire harness, an installation kit, and a dash mounted LCD computer module.
    TRAX-II™ functions similar to a computer controlled balance line. The computer determines the fuel level of the stock tank, the level of the auxiliary tank, and the status of the vehicle’s fuel system once every few seconds.
    When necessary, the TRAX-II™ module will turn on the auxiliary fuel pump and transfer fuel to the main tank. The message, “PUMP ON” will be displayed on the dash mounted LCD when this is occurring. The main tank and auxiliary tank will decrease at the same rate. The LCD will display the gallons in the main tank, the auxiliary tank, the combined fuel levels, and the operational status of the fuel systems. In some vehicles, the OEM fuel gauge will show the combined amount of fuel in the main and auxiliary fuel tanks.
    With the addition of TRAX-II™, there’s no need for a toggle switch to flip back and forth between the main and auxiliary tank. The TRAX-II™ module does the transferring of fuel for you!.

    Express-UFS™ Operating System
    Transfer Flow’s Express-UFS™ auxiliary system comes preassembled and consists of an auxiliary fuel tank, an in-line pump, a draw tube, a wire harness, and a computer module.
    The computer module will turn on the auxiliary pump when the fuel level on the OEM fuel gauge drops between 3/8 to 5/8. The auxiliary tank will then transfer fuel into the main tank until the OEM fuel gauge rises to about 5/8 to 7/8 full. The transferring of fuel at set intervals will occur until the auxiliary tank is empty. When the fuel level of the OEM gauge drops below 3/8 of a tank, the user knows that the auxiliary tank is out of fuel, and the OEM tank only has 3/8 of a tank remaining. Unlike a switch and valve system, the operation of the Express-UFS™ computer module is transparent to the user. Transfer Flow’s Express-UFS™ fuel tank systems do not include a dash mounted LCD. The LCD display only comes with our TRAX-II™ operating system.